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"La Piverdière à 360°"

From 16 September to 31 December 2017
Site de la Piverdière
Published at 14/03/2017

La Piverdière is a site that includes a belvedere with windows giving a unique panorama. The viewing points available combine natural and cultivated plants, the Lower Valleys of Anjou, towns and cities, horticulture, viticulture, history, Maine, Loire, etc.

The "La Piverdière à 360°" project involves setting up a virtual tour over the internet and accessible via smartphone, tablet, or PC. Photographs of the site are enriched with about twenty hotspots (clickable areas) that superimpose content on the viewing points. That information will relate to the site itself and to economic, historical, scientific, training, fauna, flora, geological, landscape, etc., components.

The tour also includes photos and texts that reproduce items from the book "Du roi René à Végépolys – Les plantes naissent et fleurissent en Anjou".

The site of La Piverdière was designed in collaboration with Terre des Sciences.